We are happy to announce the new Kraft version 0.98 that is available for download.

Kraft is software for the Linux desktop to handle quotes and invoices in the small business.

This is a version packed with bugfixes and also new features. The most important fixes were in the area of the catalog handling: Based on bug reports from the community the catalog window was completely reworked. Drag and drop of items in the catalog, the sorting and reordering of items are now working properly and as planned.

Another big addition is the support of . XRechnung is an E-invoicing format more and more mandatory in the governmental area in Germany. We are very proud that Kraft is the first open source office tool that supports that standard in a user friendly way. All invoices can now also exported in the XRechnung-XML format.

Beside these two big improvements, there are lots of others. For example, the user manual was further improved and is available also in Dutch. A lot of other smaller but non the less important improvements and fixes make version 0.98 a valueable release.

We wish a lot of fun with this new improved version of Kraft!