Kraft 1.0 It is a pleasure to announce that Kraft Version 1.0 was released last week.

What is Kraft?

Kraft is free software to create office documents like offers and invoices in an efficient way. It runs on the Linux desktop and suits small businesses of all kinds.

After countless releases with version numbers 0.x, Kraft finally goes with version number 1.0 with this release. It is in production at several companies since many years, and with this release it got many more improvements that make it a really mature product.


Lets take a look on the highlights of of version 1.0.

AppImage Support

Installing software properly is still a challenge for many users. AppImage comes to the rescue there: Single file, easy to download and start with all dependencies included makes it easy for users. For the creator, it is just one-fits-all, which makes it easy to maintain.

The new Kraft AppImage was carefully reworked and has now really all dependencies included, has a complete own icon set and was tested thoroughly. It is ready for production now.

Giro Code

Kraft now can print the EPC QR Code on invoices easily. Users just have to configure the bank account data to use, and Kraft creates the QR code automatically to be included in the documentation template.

User Manual

The Kraft user manual got great improvements again. It comes with even more and improved text, with much more screenshots and improved translations.

This is a community contributions that is so important for Kraft.

Many other Improvements

There were many other improvements: New functionality such as the new day counter for the number cycle templates (allows to have a counter in the document number that resets to 1 every day) or new modes for the watermark functionality to complete the generated PDF documents plus much more details (See Changelog).

How it continues

Kraft is up and running - and maintained. The plan is to keep the 1.0 as a kind of LTS in a stable branch, that only gets urgent fixes for stability.

For master, I am planning to do a couple of more intrusive changes that will take a bit longer.

See the roadmap discussion here.


I hope you got a bit curious now about Kraft. Feel free to check it out using the AppImage.

If you find it an useful addition to the Linux application ecosystem that enables more users for Linux we’d very much appreciate your contribution!