Kraft, which was released as version 1.0 after long time of active development, is targetted to the Linux desktop. My firm conviction is that the Linux desktop is very suitable for the target group of Kraft: In the small office of craftsmen for example, a Linux desktop is a great work horse which is stable, very well adoptable and has a great amount of applications that are stable and maintained.

These are only the most obvious points why Kraft is so far only available for Linux.

But often enough switching to Linux is another hurdle that users have to go, coming from a more mainstream world. So it is great to learn that Kraft, as many UI applications, can be run unter the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows systems quite flawlessly.

Kraft running on Windows Desktop It was tried with Windows 11 Home and the Kraft AppImage of 1.0.

The steps to run Kraft in WSL:

  • Make WSL running on the Windows installation
  • Install a X-server on the Windows machine
  • Create a Debian or Ubuntu Linux subsystem
  • Install a few extra packages into the Linux installation
  • Download and run the Kraft AppImage 1.0

A more detailed howto and discussion can be found in the easy cash & tax forum. Thanks Thomas for bringing up the topic and providing the Howto!