This morning during a cup of coffee I wanted to do something adventurous. I put the raspberry which I bought recently (without having very much played with it because of my light apt-* allergy) on the table and thought I will try to install the openSUSE distribution.

I remembered awesome Bernhard was blogging about that topic recently. On that page one can find this link where raspberrypi images can be found. Oh, surprise, there is even a file from november 10th, so I downloaded that. People always recommend the latest stuff.

Following this Howto I quickly had the RaspberryPi running in my home network, surprisingly enough identifying itself as powered by openSUSE 13.1 :-)

Well, that was easy and far away from adventure which I was looking for. So I remembered that the cool kids on the block have an ownCloud server running on the RaspberryPi. Would that be as easy? There are no official packages for the Pi yet, so what could I do?

Well, ownCloud is noarch, because it is plain PHP. So I downloaded the two ownCloud server packages owncloud and owncloud-3rdparty from our ownCloud nightly build repository on OBS and installed them with

zypper in owncloud owncloud-3rdparty

I was (adventure!) ignoring all the warnings and stuff, what you should never do! Just for a test, before the coffee is cold.

After having started apache, what should I say? It simply worked. No need for antihistamine, all nice green around, and ownCloud running after having finished it’s setup page.

That really pushed me for the day! It was such a smart experience having that running within a couple of minutes, with absolutely no fiddling around. This is cool stuff! Thanks to Bernhard and all the other openSUSE guys for doing that!

My congrats for the 13.1 release! I really hope that people will understand (again) how awesome the openSUSE distribution and the project is, especially for the more nerdy folks! Really, you wanna run the Geeko these days.

Enough praise, now, maybe there is somebody who will help me in OBS to provide proper ownCloud packages for ARM? I am sure there is not much missing.

And if you want to run ownCloud on your “normal” PC, this is the repository of the latest stable version which we actively maintain…