This week we prepared another ownCloud sync client (oCC) release for you. oCC is released together with csync 0.50.5, the underlying library on which shoulders oCC stands. Find packages for your distribution.

ownCloud Logo Only a couple of weeks after the first release we could come up with a quite long changelog, larger than for a maintainance release.

First and foremost, oCC now supports SSL connections and does not store passwords any more, well, in clear text in a config file. Still there is no strong encryption for the password in (as that’s a non trivial if not impossible thing) but its not clear text any more, so accidents should not longer happen. For those who really care and put security over convenience there now is the option to not store the password at all but provide it at startup. The whole password storage will get more attention soon, I did some work on that already, also using kwallet, more on that in another post.

The whole start process of oCC, which is more complex as it might seem as libcsync expects a nice environment with a verified connection to the ownCloud, was cleaned and matured. I had to learn about QNAM but now we seem to be friends.

Efforts also went into the following areas:

  • Error handling: People got confused about error messages from oCC which were not accurate here and than. I added more fine granular error reporting to libcsync so that oCC now can give even more helpful error messages.
  • MacOSX: On the sprint weekend in Stuttgart, we made good progress on that platform, will also soon get a release. Domme got the most out of cmake to get dmg image building going, thanks, you rock!
  • Qt 4.6: As usual one has to learn that current distributions ship not so current Qt versions. Thanks to Thomas, he put quite some effort in porting back to Qt 4.6 - so that Debians friends can also use oCC now.
  • Packages: Check out the community repo on OBS: We now can provide packages for way more platforms including Ubuntu and Debian. Still your help would be appreciated in maintaining.

Speaking about the recent sprint in Stuttgart: It was great to be there, ownCloud has an open, friendly and welcoming community in which you really feel the spirit of working on something new and interesting with cool potential. I really enjoy being here,. Thanks guys for all your work and feedback :-)