The good thing about this quiet holidays is that there is time to work on projects. I had a few nice changes of PDF Quirk laying around, and now finalized them to a new version. Please welcome PDF Quirk version 0.95!

What is PDF Quirk?

PDF Quirk is a little desktop utility to create PDF files from images, targeted to non nerdy desktop users.

Sending PDFs is (still) often a requirement in offices where people are asked to transfer PDF files via email, or better by pushing them through their private ownCloud.

The source images can either be loaded from file, or directly scanned with an hardware scanner. For that, PDF Quirk utilizes the tool scanimage from the SANE Projekt, to avoid reinventing the wheel. Configured once, that works like a charm.

Having scanned or picked the source images, they can be deskewed, turned and rearranged, and finally converted to a good quality PDF file with reasonable file size.

New Version 0.95

The new version brings a few features and some fixes:

  • Images can deskewed now
  • Basic PDF options like margin, paper size and orientation can be set
  • The UI got a little cleanup
  • Translations were added, first new language is German
  • Dependencies were reduced, new Qt based PDF generator was implemented
  • Builds with Qt5 and Qt6


Check out PDF Quirks Website for more information.

PDF Quirk is free software. Please contribute through the Github repository.