It has been a busy week where I was working on the ownCloud Desktop sync client. As described in my last post this will be based on a csync module to handle ownCloud as well as mirall, a Qt based desktop client to sync.

That involved basically three things: A csync module, a patch in ownCloud and work on mirall.

For csync, there needs to be a module that handles the connection to ownCloud, for code see [1]. ownCloud has a WebDAV interface, and its used for this. Csync requires the the implementation of a couple of POSIX functions such as opendir, readdir, closedir, stat and these kind of things. I did that using WebDAV equivalents.

Unfortunately one method is needed for the sync algorithms which has no equivalent in WebDAV, which is utime. utime sets the modification time of a file. csync needs that to fix the time after a file was copied to the other side.  For that, I made a little patch to ownCloud to allow a PROPPATCH method on the modified time of a resource. That makes csync happy and working, but that also means that the module is not a general csync webdav module but a csync owncloud module. Named it accordingly.

The first action I started on mirall this time is a bit cleanup. First, I introduced a class  to move all the code which loads, edits and monitors the folders out of the main application class, which was long overdue. That separates the sync folder management in mirall from the GUI stuff. Furthermore I added a few helper classes such as a config file class for mirall. Ah yes, a theming class was also added to handle the future two faces character of mirall easily, as said before mirall should either appear as traditional mirall client, or as ownCloud client. Duncan and me agreed to build that from one source, the theming class supports that.

Last but not least I polished the wizard in which a user connects to his ownCloud and added a test call that immediately evaluates the url and credentials. For the curious, the code is in my work repository but I promise to move it to the ownCloud repo on gitorious soon.

So far for now, if you have suggestions for me I’d love to hear them.  Thanks :-)

[1] Klaas’ WIP branch csync